Perspective (A small Thing that creates a big Diffrence)

Hey how are you guys, Thanks to all of you for giving a great response over the posts and to the blog. Here I am going to share another thing that may be helpful to all those for changing their viewpoints, hope it will help.

Everyone has his/her point of view to see the things. How they see and understands it all depends upon their experiences, their sufferings, their problems in life. All these things decide how a person reacts to a particular thing. Environment is very important thing that have impact on the lives of all of us. It affects from both sides, Internally and Externally. Many a times we heard exampels like, ” There is a bottle half filled with water, and people were called to have a look over it and they have to say how they see the bottle”. Some said that it is Half Filled and some said Half Empty. So it shows their thinking that even the bottle is half filled then also they think that it is half empty.

Here I am sharing a little story with you that makes you think again over life.


There were two Twin Brothers living with their father, their father used to drink a lot. From their childhood he was addicted to drink. As the time passed away, they both grew up. One grew up to be an alcoholic as his father & the second used to be quite simple and never drank in his life like his father and brother did. When asked from both of them that what is the reason, then the first son said, ” I watched my father”...and when the same question was asked from the second son that what happened he also said, ” I watched my father”… 

The same situation happened with both brothers, same Dad but diffrent PERSPECTIVE towards life. So this is the thing I want to share that how we see LIFE matters more than anything else. We sometimes also face situations where we have to make decisions that what we are going to do with this life. So in the end I want to say one thing…

Your Perspective in life will Determine youy destination..

A Pizza Gives me a Lesson For Life

Hello friends today I am gonna share a story with you That I heard from my Aunt. This gives me a life lesson Hope you all like it.


Wife: Don’t put so many clothes for wash today
Husband: Why ?
She said : Maid has said she won’t come for two days
Husband :Why ?
Wife : She said she is going to meet her granddaughter during Ganpati festival
Husband : OK, Will not put too many clothes
Wife : And , Shall I give her Rs. 500 for Ganpati ? Festival bonus ?
Husband : Why ? Diwali is approaching , we will give her at that time..
Wife : Oh no dear . She is poor. Going to meet her daughter and granddaughter , so she will also feel nice. Moreover, everything has become so expensive these days. How will she able to celebrate festival ?
Husband : You ! I don’t know why you become emotional so easily
Wife : Oh dear, don’t worry .I am going to cancel today’s program of ordering Pizza. Why unnecessarily blow away Rs. 500 on eight pieces of stale bread.
Husband : Wow. Great .Snatching Pizza from us and giving to the maid !
Maid returned after three days and got busy in mopping and dusting. Husband asked her
Husband : So, how was the vacation ?
Maid : very nice sahib.. Didi had given Rs 500 .. festival bonus.
Husband : So you went and met your daughter ? and also met your granddaughter ?
Maid: yes sahib. Enjoyed a lot and spent Rs 500 in two days time.
Husband : Really ? Ok so what did you do with Rs. 500?
Maid : Rs. 150 for dress for granddaughter, Rs 40 for a doll, bought sweets worth Rs 50 for daughter, Rs 50 as offering to Deity in temple, Rs 60 towards bus fare….Rs 25 for bangles for daughter, bought a nice belt worth Rs 50 for son-in-law, balance Rs 75 gave to daughter to buy copy and pencil for granddaughter. Maid gave a full account of the expenses incurred
Husband : so much in Rs 500?
With surprise, he started thinking….the eight pieces of Pizza appeared in front of his eyes and each one of them acted as a hammer started pricking his consciousness. For the price of one Pizza , he started comparing the expenses his maid had incurred during her visit to her daughter. The eight pieces of Pizza floated in front of his eyes. First piece .. dress for the child, second piece… towards sweets.. Third piece… towards offering to the deity in the temple. Fourth piece….towards bus fare. Fifth piece.. towards doll. Sixth piece towards bangles, seventh piece ,, towards belt for the son-in-law. Eight piece towards copy and pencil.
So far he had observed pizza only from one angle. He turned it upside down and observe how it looks like from the other side. .. but today his maid showed him the other side of the pizza…. The eight pieces of pizza showed him the real meaning of an instant the meaning of “Spending for life” or “ Life for spending”. Think about it.

My first day on my blog.

Hello Friends,

So it was my very first day on my blog from the moment I have created this blog I am very excited about all these things, that how it happens, how I am gonna write blogs for people. So I spent my whole day thinking over it. It feels like today I got something that I really waiting from a long time.

It always feels good when you got something in your life, I don’t know what’s gonna happen with my blog in future, because I am not a professional one like other bloggers., but I am very happy because I got my own blog and it is like a very real achievement for me, for some people may be it is a small thing but for me it is a very big thing . Success & happiness does not means having a huge victory that must comes into the knowledge of public, it also comes in small things we ignores.

My aim of writing this is to share my inner feelings with you.



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First blog post

Hey everyone I am Parry.  This is my first blog and first post too. I want to enjoy this life, and everyone wants to do that, but we are so busy in managing our daily affairs that we are not really having the actual meaning of life. We are forgetting the value of Laugh, if there is a moment that makes us happy we just put a Smile on our face, to show the world that we are enjoying and laughing, but everyone knows how there life is messed up. Everyone has problems but our prospective to life matters more than anything else. So my purpose of writing this blog is to bring it in light that everyone must enjoy each and every second of their LIFE. Charlie Chaplin said that,“A Day without LAUGHTER is a Day Wasted “.  If there is anything in the post and blog that is not right please suggest me to correct it, as I am new here.