Perspective (A small Thing that creates a big Diffrence)

Hey how are you guys, Thanks to all of you for giving a great response over the posts and to the blog. Here I am going to share another thing that may be helpful to all those for changing their viewpoints, hope it will help.

Everyone has his/her point of view to see the things. How they see and understands it all depends upon their experiences, their sufferings, their problems in life. All these things decide how a person reacts to a particular thing. Environment is very important thing that have impact on the lives of all of us. It affects from both sides, Internally and Externally. Many a times we heard exampels like, ” There is a bottle half filled with water, and people were called to have a look over it and they have to say how they see the bottle”. Some said that it is Half Filled and some said Half Empty. So it shows their thinking that even the bottle is half filled then also they think that it is half empty.

Here I am sharing a little story with you that makes you think again over life.


There were two Twin Brothers living with their father, their father used to drink a lot. From their childhood he was addicted to drink. As the time passed away, they both grew up. One grew up to be an alcoholic as his father & the second used to be quite simple and never drank in his life like his father and brother did. When asked from both of them that what is the reason, then the first son said, ” I watched my father”...and when the same question was asked from the second son that what happened he also said, ” I watched my father”… 

The same situation happened with both brothers, same Dad but diffrent PERSPECTIVE towards life. So this is the thing I want to share that how we see LIFE matters more than anything else. We sometimes also face situations where we have to make decisions that what we are going to do with this life. So in the end I want to say one thing…

Your Perspective in life will Determine youy destination..

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